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Manufacturer and distributor of Natural Stones

Eversince the presence of natural stone got to be internationally known and even demanded by both local and intercontinental inquiries, we hereby are proudly taking a part in any chances to expose the beautiful and original uniqueness of the nature in our country with hope that what we are trying to present here could be useful and beneficial for all.....

And we, here are CV JOHAR JAYA, once were one among those standard home-industry businesses running on processing and selling natural stones from nearby sources.

With the strong motivation and very good opportunities taken by the owner, H Joharrudin, the company has slowly but sure has gone to be one of the most considerable manufacturers and exporters of natural stone in Indonesia.

H. Joharrudin -- Director and Owner

Basic Company
Verden d.o.o.

officeADDRESS :
Jl. Nyi Ageng Serang No 014B Rt 15 Rw 04
Ds Cikeduk Kec Depok Kab Cirebon
West Java - Indonesia

PHONE/FAX: +62 (231) 000-0000


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andesit lava stone
paras jogja sandstone
sukabumi green stone
yellow sandstone
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strip sandstone
candi lava stone
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curi basalt
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