• Johar Jaya Natural Stone
  • Johar Jaya Natural Stone
  • Johar Jaya Natural Stone
  • Johar Jaya Natural Stone
  • Johar Jaya Natural Stone
  • Johar Jaya Natural Stone
Andesit Lava Stone
Code Name : Gray Flagstone

ANDESITE Lava Stone is a rock formed from magma erupted from a volcano, whereas the concept of volcanic rock is artificial and in nature volcanic rocks constitute an important element of some sedimentary rocks.
ANDESITE Lava stone is one of our main products. The source is very abundant and its location is a few miles from our office/factory.
The quarry is also close to reach and the best result of production would surely be countable.


andesit alor 01
andesit alor 02
andesit alor 03
andesit alor 04
andesit alor 05
andesit alor 06
andesit alor 07
andesit alor 08
andesit alor 09
andesit block 01
andesit block 02
andesit block 03
andesit block 04
andesit block 05
andesit block 06
andesit block 07
andesit block 08
andesit block 09
andesit block 10
andesit natural 01
andesit natural 02
andesit natural 03
andesit natural 05
andesit natural 06
andesit natural 07
andesit natural 08
andesit natural 09
andesit natural 10
andesit natural 11
andesit natural 12
andesit natural 13
andesit natural 14
andesit natural 15
andesit natural 16
andesit natural 17
andesit natural 18
andesit natural 19
andesit natural 20
andesit pile 01
andesit sparkled 01
andesit sparkled 02
andesit sparkled 03
andesit sparkled 04
andesit sparkled 05
andesit sparkled flamed 01
andesit sparkled flamed 02
andesit sparkled flamed 03
andesit sparkled flamed 04
andesit sparkled flamed 05
andesit sparkled flamed 06

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