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Chronologically .....

CV JOHAR JAYA is a factory-based company which grew up from a very small business of home industry. The owner is H JOHARRUDIN who is recently considerably one of the main stone businessmen in West Java, Indonesia. Under his management, for more than 10 years the company had supplied hundreds of houses, companies, factories and other construction sites in Indonesia archipelago.
It began twelve years ago in 2004 when the company was formerly named as CINTA MAKMUR (taken from his first daughter's name) only with the purpose of domestic selling business. With all good movements, sacrifices and numerous of hard works, and when the time has gone along with advance development and technology in machinery and business, H. JOHARRUDIN has been training and learning hard on the field, and has proven himself to bring his company to get better in management and production.
And in 2015, he even declared a new name of the company to be CV JOHAR JAYA (JOHAR JAYA Inc.) in purpose of globally worldwide selling in international business, introducing local products to the world. And the result has so far introduced him with many important clients and customers throughout the world. With no hesitation, and strong intention for betterment, we then have a good business partnership and relationship for years .....


H. JOHARRUDIN is the Board Director as well as the owner of CV JOHAR JAYA.
Graduated from business high school, he applied things he had studied, and his natural ability, to bring the company as well as the factory into worldwide business.

Located in Cirebon, precisely in Desa Cangkoak Kecamatan Dukupuntang Kabupaten Cirebon,the company allocates an office and its medium-leveled factory at 1200sqm of its own nearby to supply the most qualified and export standard products all over the world.

In a couple of years the company has begun a good business relationship with some oversea clients from around the world. This is a so called fruitful reward after years of struggles and sacrifices.
The progress of company development has not been somewhat easy; it has taken a lot of things to do, to concern, to survive and to sacrifice.
The hardworkship was untold but the result is unbelievable -- success is now at hands and it is now just how to keep it remain as it is now ....

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